This site is design in love of humanity and love of this existence to save this beautiful planet earth. You will get all colors of human life. You can enjoy here with different colors, different lights, different songs, like orchestra of your life. By reading and using these techniques in this blog, you may enjoy and live more than 100 years healthy , wealthy and peaceful life.

The motive of this blog is to create wealthy and healthy new human being who will help to save this colorful earth. We want to create the atmosphere in the whole world where Albert Einstein and Gautama the Buddha can dance together.

From outside you may think which type of this person is?   Sometimes he is talking about business –how to make and manage money and sometimes he is talking about inner growth – meditation. You are absolutely right, this is only called orchestra of life .Till now you have seen only one side of the coin but here you will see both side of the coin. You may be knowing but not aware ,without inner outer is not possible ,without sky the earth is not possible, without trees and plants, living beings on this earth is not possible ,without software there is no use of hard ware ,without inner being there is no much use of human body .

We want to create harmony, synchronicity between outer and inner .Then only Albert Einstein and Gautama the Buddha can dance together.